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Pfaff Creative 7570 w/ Creative Fantasy Unit


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 Over 500 decorative stitch programs at your comand. Plus, all the features that give your sewing a true professional touch. In addition to the large variety of attractive 9mm stitch programs on the Pfaff Creative 7570, you'll also find 30 wonderful Maxi-Stitch designs that sew up to 60mm wide.

With Pfaff's Exclusive Integrated Dual Feed, you get controlled, no-slip sewing because the fabric is fed evenly from both top and bottom. And because it is built in, PFAFF Dual Feed is always there when you need it!

* Matching patterns and stripes can be done flawlessly.
* Joining multiple layers of fabric is no problem.
* No-slip sewing of difficult silks and synthetics is a breeze.

Buttonholes galore!
Standard, Stretch, round and Keyhole. You get 10 different buttonhole types in all. What's more, all buttonholes can be stored in memory and repeated as often as you like. The sensormatic system guarantees that each buttonhole is sewn exactly the same - every time on any fabric.

Pfaff electronics make everything simple!
Our advanced electronics put everything right at your fingertips.
* Reverse sewing.
* Twin needle sewing.
* Sew slow.
* Needle up/down
* Automatic tie-off
* A bobbin Thread monitor!
The fastest home embroidery machine on the market!

* Six built-in alphabets (2 block and 3 script) including Maxi-Monograms. Which can be combined in any of the 32 M-Memories.

* The Pfaff creative 7570 has a professional quilting stitch that actually looks hand-quilted. Quilters also will love the new feature that lets you program a seam length with tie-off.

* The Creative 7570 embroiders at up to 800 stitches per minute! Which makes it the fastest home embroidery machine on the market.

* Looking to enhance your creativeity? The Pfaff creative 7570 offers lots of possibilities! Hook up the optional Creative Designer for easy "trace'n touch" sewing.

* Thanks to the optional Creative Fantasy Embroidery Unit you can sew multicolored embroidery patterns, up to 120 x 115 mm, (225 x 90 mm with optional Big Hoop) in up to 16 different colors with quality never seen before. An unlimited number of designs await you. 

* No matter what you want to embellish, there's a Creative Fantasy Card that's right. Whether you're looking for children's designs, flowers, borders, monograms, ethnic patterns or even sports.

* Vary the color or size! Combine, create mirror images and rotate your patterns! Let the Creative Fantasy make it reality...It's this easy: Insert the desired card, select the pattern and sew! Select the design of your choice with the press of a button. It's quick, and all the information you need is displayed on-screen, it even tells you when to change thread!

* Even caps can be embroidered perfectly with the Creative Fantasy CAP hoop.