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4D™ QuiltDesign Creator

  Extraordinary quilting designs become a reality with the Inspira 4D QuiltDesign Creator by Pfaff. Whether you are a frame quilter or an embroiderer, the standalone embroidery software 4D QuiltDesign Creator is for you.

Step by Step Software Wizards
 lead you through composing a block element or border for your quilt robot or embroidery machine. Trace a picture, use included designs or start with a clear palette it is all up to you.

Craft your own embroidery or robot quilting designs. Use any of the 50 shapes, 112 MiniPics or over 30 pre-made quilting designs to begin your quilting design. Or simply draw what you imagine. Rotate or reflect any of these shapes and watch your design transform before your eyes. The FilmStrip helps you edit your designs easily. Move elements to change stitching order and look.

Set an area to be filled automatically with traditional quilting patterns such as Stipple, Cross-Hatch or Parallel lines. Vary the line spacing to create different effects.
Use small quilting motifs to create your own special motif fill. Use one of the 53 motif patterns included for your quilt robot or choose from 53 smaller motif patterns made especially for use with your embroidery machine. 

And you don't need to stop with just one motif! Choose a second motif and alternate lines in your fill area. Just for fun, write your name or draw a small picture. Turn these into motifs and use in your unique quilt design.

A line quilting design is no longer just a line with the 4D QuiltDesign Creator. Simply change the line's property. Create up to 5 parallel lines in one click. Or adjust to a motif line. Choose from flowers & leaves, scrolls, geometric or pictures. 

Borders are effortless with "Encore". Place one quilting design in your specified work area and then click Encore. This function places the appropriate number of quilting designs in the work area to make the perfect border.

4D QuiltDesign Vision helps you visualize your finished quilt. Photograph your quilt and import the file through the wizard. Place your quilting designs on your own quilt background and see how it will look. Adjust the placement of designs until you like your finished product and then print out a template! It's that easy. You are ready to stitch your quilt.  

Once you have created your design, save it in popular machine formats, both embroidery machine and quilting formats. If you have a modern embroidery machine either Pfaff, Husquvarna, Janome, Brother and Elna you can save the quilt designs in the correct format for your machine. 

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Read and write quilting formats:
•  4QB (quilting / QBOT)
•  Bernina (.art version 1,2,3) read only
•  CompuQuilter (.cmd, .cqp)
•  Brother/Babylock/Bernina PEC (.pec)
•  Handi Quilter (.hqf)
•  Brother/Babylock/Bernina PES (.pes version 2-8)
•  IntelliQuilter (.iqp)
•  Compucon/Singer PSW (.xxx)
•  PC Quilter (.txt)
•  Husqvarna Viking / Pfaff (.vp3 and .vip)
•  Statler Stitcher (.qli)
•  Husqvarna (.hus, .shv and .dhv) read only
•  AutoCAD (.dxf)
•  Janome (.jef and .sew)
•  Windows Meta File (.wmf)
•  Melco (.exp)
•  Windows Enhanced Meta Files (.emf)
•  Pfaff (.pcs)
•  HPGL (.hp, .plt)
•  Tajima (.dst)
•  Toyota (.10*)

Note: Bernina .art files can only be loaded. Husqvarna .dhv and .shv files can only be loaded. Brother/Babylock/Bernina .pes versions 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 can only be loaded. Files of .pes format are saved as version 2 if the embroidery is 130mm x 180mm or smaller.